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Nine beautiful ideas for a romantic courtship in an arranged marriage.

In the era of Tinder and other dating apps where you can find a person to date, why bring parents to unite you, right?

The initial meeting set up is filmy but believe us, your courtship period in an arranged marriage can be as beautiful as you have always dreamed of.

We are sharing some super romantic Utopian ways to date your soon to be better half.

  1. The beginning-The butterflies in the stomach

butterflies in the stomach_bustle

It starts with a simple phone call. You will see an unfamiliar name on the screen. It gives a stroppy feeling but then you pick the call and talk. Do not knit your relationship vision in the first call itself. Don’t be shy. Talk to your partner and soon you both will be opening to each other.

    2. The First Meeting

priscilla westra_stocksnap

Image Source: Stocksnap

The first meeting after your Roka or engagement is very special. A thousand butterflies, cats and dogs will run in your stomach. Your heart will pound fast. You will run out of words and things to talk about. Enjoy the silence of this moment. Feel the rush by holding each other’s hands. It is itself a lot much talking.

    3. The longs walks
Image Source: Stocksnap

Go for a simple long walk and explore each other by exploring the city. You will be amazed that a simple walk can bring out so much from each other by taking your journey a long way.

    4. Chai at a Tapri

Pinterest_cutting chai










Image Source: Pinterest

Leave behind the coffee dates. I am asking you to explore each other in a more rustic way. Go at a street chai shop and buy yourself a hot cup of tea. Pray that it should be raining and then your chai date will become even more romantic. No wonder if you hear “Tip Tip barsa paani” song in the background.

    5. Movies/ Theaters/ Music concerts


Image Source: Pinterest

You both can book movie tickets for a romantic movie. If you are theater lover book a ticket. The scenic view in Delhi for theater will make you love Delhi all over again. Music concert is also a good option for striking your vocal chords together.

    6. Shop, Shop, Shopping

Couple Shopping_Utterlyinfolicious

Image Source:

Shopping is great way to bond with each other. You can go to a local market, a mall or a flea market and can enjoy live music, art stuff, street food and many other things.

    7. Friends meet up


Image Source: colourbox

While meeting each other’s friends can help you both to shed reservations also it can help you to know friendly side of your partners. Remember a (wo)man is known by the company (s)he keeps.

    8. Go for Boating

couple boating2_utterlyinfolicious_shutterstock

Image Source: Shutterstock

Outright filmy but equally romantic and make you lovey dovey. Watch in each other’s eyes and imagine the city of Rome and romance. A little cool breeze is a topping on vanilla ice-cream.

    9. Plan the unplanned trips


Image Source: Pinterest

The thrill associated with a random trip to outskirts is unimaginable. Make an extended weekend plan, go for a small town or a hill area, feel each other and love each other.

Wish you have a lovely courtship with your beloved. Cheers !!

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