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9 Marvelous and splendid facts about magnificent song Ghoomar from movie Padmavati.

Ghoomar dance is the characteristic dance of the Bhils and a community dance of the Rajputs, also which only the women traditionally perform. Ghoomar is a community dance, which is a distinctive flavor of Rajasthan and is some parts of Haryana. It is performed by the young women and girls on various occasions and festivals including Holi, Gangaur Puja, Navratri Pujas and Teej. It is also performed by new bride on her arrival to her new marital home.

The dancers move gently and gracefully in circles. They move about clapping and singing, while tempo of the dance is accelerated. The dance continues for hours into the night.


The official twitter account of Deepika says that Ghoomar is her most difficult yet most fulfilling song sequence she had ever shot.  Indeed Deepika is right. She left us spellbound and enthralled with her each dance step, poised and clean performance. Let us know more facts about the song in the movie.

  1. The soul of Rani Padmavati


Deepika when approaching for her very first shot of the movie that started with the Ghoomar song, she felt that Rani Padmavati’s soul entered her body and that she feels the same till day. She said that she could feel her presence.

She says, “It’s one of those rare moments in an actor’s life where it’s going to take a very long time before it actually leaves the system”.

    2. The song, costliest ever in history of Bollywood


The movie, Padmavati which is estimated to be made at a cost of nearly Rs. 190 crores has another masterpiece song, Ghoomar which the costliest song in Bollywood.

    3. The Grand set, replica of Chittorgarh Fort


The previous set of Movie Padmavati was vandalized in Jaipur by activists. Another set that is made for the song, is the exact replica of Jaipur’s Chittaurgarh fort in Mumbai.

The set was again made by 100 people team in precise 40 days. They shaped the every tiny bit of Rani Padmini’s Jal Mahal. Its shape, color, texture all is similar to the fort.

    4. The lighting of the fort


The entire lighting of the set took 48 hours. It means even before the shooting started for the song, the lighting work started two days before. 400 earthen lamps were used in the song.

    5. The Attire


The colorful, layered and beautiful gotedaar lehenga, worn by Deepika weighted around 30 kilos. The background dancers were given designer lehengas to match the magnificence of royal dancers, so that there is no point left in the magnitude and prominence of the song.

    6. The Chari dancers


While the set was prepared, special Chari dancers from Kishangarh were called. Chari dancers carry a flaming pot on their head without touching it, while performing graceful movements of limbs and deep swirls of knees.

Special folk musicians from Jaipur were flocked in to give the song the actual taste of Rajasthan’s Rajput royals.

    7. The Training


Deepika was given a month and a half training to set a benchmark of perfection. Deepika learned the dance form under the tutelage of renowned Ghoomar expert Jyothi D. Tommaar, assistant director of an authentic Ghoomar academy. Ghoomar artists were there to make her every move flawless and picture-perfect.

    8. The Swirls


The swirls taken in this dance form are caller Ghoomar. A total of 66 Ghoomars were taken by Deepika. No wonder that Deepika will proudly see her performance.

    9. The Dedication



The dedicated team of song, shot for a complete 11 days for the brilliant song as we see now.

Deepika’s lehenga weighted 30 kilos and her jewelry weighed 20 kilos.

The many retakes gave Deepika a strong strain in her neck that her it took her a week to set it straight and right.

The sheer brilliance from Sanjay Leela Bhansali is always looked after. Watch the movie on 1st December.

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