Every girl in her twenties should abide these promises

We do a lot to be kind to others, we work hard, we love others, but it really takes a lot of nerves on being kind and compassionate on ourselves. Here are few of some promises every girl in her twenties should make and imbibe them…

  1. Drink lots and lots of water

drinking water_utterlyinfolicious

    2. Start your day with a glass of lime and honey and do pranayams, with at least 12 rounds of Surya Namaskar


    3. Love yourself, respect yourself

“I will always treat myself with love and respect”

    4. Don’t try to please everyone in your life

    5. Call your parents and siblings quite a few times in a week

    6. Stay positive always

woman sitting alone outdoors

     7. Never go to bed with your makeup on. Remove the makeup and clean the face.

     8. Change your makeup brushes after six months or at least clean them.

     9. Don’t spend hours scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, twitter. Use time wisely.

    10. Remove all the ill-fitting clothes from the closet.

ill fitting clothes_get rich slowly

     11. Don’t fall in the love with a guy who treats you like shit. Cut the ties immediately.

     12. Learn to forgive others. Let them go and stay happy.


     13. Wear sunscreen daily and do not forget to floss teeth often.

     14. Go dancing, relax yourself.


     15. Send people beautiful birthday cards. The cards never go out of fashion.

     16. Go for a walk in the morning, see the rising sun.


     17. Look good and love your body.

     18. Buy good perfumes and wear them


     19. Learn how to do make up for yourself. Look good to feel good.

     20. Play with kids. This will make you happy always, no matter what.

     21. Do yoga, exercise or aerobics whatever suits you. Don’t think of looking slim; think of the benefits of a healthy body.

     22. After 30, swear to pap smear test once in a year. Book yourself for a whole body medical Checkup.

pap smear_utterlyinfolicious_pinterest

     23. Learn to say sorry, even if you are not wrong. It’s a good way to end fight. Fighting hasn’t paid anyone.

    24. Meditate for few minutes every day.


     25. Earn young and do not depend on anyone

working girl_adriana adascal

     26. Build your habit to read for at least half an hour. You can do this while travelling.

girl reading book_utterlyinfolicious_pinterest

     27. Learn cooking. It is an investment. It is an art of keeping yourself healthy and happily fed.

Good looking beautiful woman female vegan vegetarian prepares a low calorie dinner

     28. Stop procrastinating. Make deadlines and meet them.


     29. Spend more time in shaping your career.

     30. If you are not happy in your workplace, quit that boring job. Discover your passions and start going with it.


     31. Be polite to your co-workers.

polite to coworkers_utterlyinfolicious

Tell us that these are not worthwhile promises to keep! Embrace yourself and fix an appointment of yourself with you.

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