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POLLUTION: Six steps to breathe clean in Delhi (NCR)

Do you Want to stay fit in Delhi Pollution? Must Read below steps....

Breathe Delhi Breathe

Gotham city is under attack. No, batman cannot save us. We need someone else. We need to be like Bane. People in Delhi are checking city’s air quality index rather than checking the traffic jams and no traffic zones. We are searching safe zones. Schools are closed. The ban on crackers proved a political gimmick. Where Delhi wallas (read Hindus) crying over banning patakhas, and other religions giving a peaceful sigh that this year there will be no pollution, the state is as always it was. The pollution will not stop if you troll Hindus over every issue. There need to be done something concrete.

No cracker ban can stop air pollution. The polluted mindset of people should be changed. Though no immediate action can stop this, but Aam Aadmi Party’s Punjab wing should stop burning paddy, for pretending to fight for the rights of farmers. The over intelligent Party members should respect Mother Nature, but sadly they are not programmed to do so.

So after all the hue and cry and foul crying by Delhi Chief Minister, Mr. Kejriwal, where he stated his incapability to curb this pollution and used the opportunity instead (only for him) to introduce the Odd Even formula again, to make the lives of Delhi people totally messed up, we are taking this opportunity to tell you how you can breathe safe and clean air.

  1. Avoid morning jogs and cardio workouts in open

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_cardio

Staying indoors is safe. Well, it always was. We know that you are lazy for the morning walks and exercises, but now you can totally stop this and can sleep comfortably without snoozing off your alarm.

     2. Use the mask

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_masks

Source:The New Indian Express

While there was always a debate as why girls cover their face with their dupatta, now it is totally legit. Anyone can cover his or her face. If you are over possessive you can cover someone’s face also. Choice is always yours.

     3. Drink lots of water

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_drink water 1

You know, in Delhi the government is for the water and like the water. Delhi Government gives free water to Delhi wallahs, and also and float like water in any state of India. So you can and must drink lots of water.

     4. Plant indoor plants

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_indoor plants

Source: giphy

The timely investment always pays. Buy some indoor plants because you may never see the plants in Delhi because of pollution and also there are not so much left, after all the advertisement hoardings by Mr. Kejriwal.

“Vo pareshan karte rahe, hum kaam karte rahe”

     5. Do best for your fitness

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_fitness

Yes, after the Odd Even Scheme is announced you need to work much harder. Wait for the odd car day and then on even days you can go by metro by stuffing your stomach inside during the ride.

In both cases you need to cover your mouth; inside metro to save yourself from the bad breath from other people and fart smell.

     6. Buy air purifiers

how to breathe in delhi pollution_utterlyinfolicious_breathe delhi breathe_promises

Before Kejriwal ji promises to install Air Purifiers in his 2018 resolution, buy them yourself. This might prove as false as the Wi-Fis and CCTVs Installation.

Stay safe Delhites!!

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