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14 Heineken facts you need to know and fall in love with it again!

Aren’t you appreciating Heineken beer yet? Heineken is one of the world’s iconic beer brands not only because of its brand value but also due to its fresh, fruity aroma and a mild bitter taste that makes the beer so idiosyncratic. Take a moment to know about remarkable is pioneer beer, that is responsible for ensuring your drink tastes as good as it does. Take a swig and relish it.

  1. The age

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Heineken was first brewed in 1873 at an old brewery in Amsterdam. After years of hard work by its founder Gerard Adriaan Heineken, it became Holland’s first finest lager beer, making it 143 years old. Now it is internationally recognized premium beer and is available in 192 countries globally.

  1. The brewing

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The amazing beer is vegan. Yes, it is suitable for vegans and it uses only three natural ingredients. All they need are malted barley, hops, and water. But they have to be really unadulterated and natural.

  1. The brewing process

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Unlike other beers, Heineken is brewed a little longer; a concrete 28 days are devoted in brewing Heineken to ensure a balanced taste, refreshing clarity and a beautiful golden color. Heineken beer is brewed in horizontal tanks instead of industry-standard vertical ones. Some great things in life are worth waiting for.

  1. The taste

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It started in Dutch capital but it is brewed by many local breweries, around 140 countries and therefore probably the Heineken beer you are having in your country is locally brewed.

But they taste exactly the same across all 192 countries where Heineken is available; they send a sample of the beer produced in each brewery back to the Netherlands for inspection. This how they make sure you get the same quality of Heineken no matter where you are.

  1. The Master Seal

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All the batches of Heineken beer brewed must be inspected, tested, and approved by their Master Brewers before it goes to the stores and bars. If a batch of beer is rejected, then they’ll have no choice but to go through the 28-day brewing process again. Quality is the king.

  1. The Master brewer

Heineken - More Behind The Star

It is not short term learning. You need to be trained for minimum fifteen years to be a Master Brewer. Though its formula is same from the very beginning but it is the Master Brewer who guards it all the time. Willem van Waesberghe is the global craft and brew master at Heineken.

  1. The Unique Bottles

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The Heineken were the first brewers to sell the beer in Green bottles to distinguish their bottles from others. The other breweries used to sell beer in brown bottles.

  1. The architecture friendly Bottles

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The third-generation patriarch of the Heineken family, Freddy Heineken, invented the WOBO, a beer bottle that essentially doubled as a giant interlocking Lego brick, and was made for building eco-homes back in the early 1960s.

Unlike the usual beer bottles, these have flat surfaces on all sides and a concave bottom. His original intent was to help the lower classes in Curaçao, to build houses for themselves with the very materials that were already littering their beaches ­­—discarded beer bottles. Thousands of WOBO bottles were made, but as of 2012, almost all of them have been lost or destroyed—and only two WOBO structures still exist.

  1. The remarkable Heineken Brewery

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The first brewery in the city of Amsterdam still stands and now stands tall and proud at its history and heritage. It welcomes closely 900,000 plus visitors a year at the Heineken Experience, which showcases everything from the groundwork of how Heineken came into existence, synopses on its distinguished brewing process, as well as insight into some of its award-winning campaigns; people all over the world know it by. You can learn about everything, from the constituents that make up its beers, faultless way to drizzle a Heineken.

  1. The Brands

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Heineken International is a group which owns a worldwide portfolio of over 170 beer brands; mainly pale lager, though some other beer styles are produced. It includes Amstel, Desperados, Tiger, Bintang and many more. Its beers are relatively dull but highly marketable light lagers.

  1. Sustainability goals

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The brewery that has been running since the 1860’s and now produces some 1.4 million bottles of beer every day. It is powered entirely by renewable and reusable energy sources, including solar, hydro-power, bio-gas and waste heat, reducing its carbon footprint by around 3,000 tonnes of CO-2 a year to absolutely zero.

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  1. The Women friendly

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The era labeled women as suitable only for buying groceries and therefore to make the beer ‘more friendly’ to women, Alfred Heineken, decided to change the label. To mark the change made, he subtly changed the font on the label so that the ‘E’s appear to be smiling.

  1. The Revenue

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As on July 2017, Heineken is the world’s second-largest brewer by sales, just behind after AB InBev purchased MillerCoors, but the green bottle is by far the most recognizable no matter where you’re at.

  1. The Slogan

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A better beer deserves a better can.

It’s all about the beer.

Lager Beer at its Best

How refreshing! How Heineken!

Heineken refreshes the parts other beers cannot reach.


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