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14 everyday moments for which we need a tough heart to admit. P.S. Only for daredevils.

Things which in a civilized society should be kept to ourselves. Read and admit it.

Peeing in shower is so overrated. I mean everyone does this. There is no need to walk out from shower to the toilet to evacuate the bladder, when it will lead to the same place. People pee in shower because they are lazy and it is absolutely harmless.

So basically we all do things which in a civilized society should be kept to ourselves. We keep them hidden due to social taboos and fear of denunciation.

Let us see some of them!

  1. We love digging gold by picking boogers

I know you are going to deny this, but you do this. Some people even eat them.

  1. We hit save button, thrice to make sure that we have saved the damn file.

We don’t want to take risks.

  1. We freely release our fart when no one else is watching.

Excuse me; I was there to smell that fart- God

  1. Watching porn.

Enough said.

  1. When we see someone we try to pretend that we haven’t seen them.

Gosh, you notice everything.

  1. Talking to ourselves in free time or looking in the mirror.

Don’t tell me, I need an expert advice.

  1. Digging out the underwear from your butt.

Anyone, folks?

  1. You fart and blame on others.

What? I did? No.

  1. We snoop around other people bathrooms.

Just in case!

  1. We start dieting and end up eating Pizza for midnight cravings.

Coz, pizza is the real love.

  1. We pick up the stuff lying on the floor using our feet and toes.

Who wants to bend down?

  1. You check the toilet twice when you are not at your home.

Leaving legacy, fellas?

  1. You repeat the order in head before you go to place it in a restaurant.

Small burger, big fries? What?

  1. Sleep nude.

Feeling hot!


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