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11 Underrated treasures of life,we refuse to see

Life can be a bitch and can also be a bag full of happiness. We underestimate the power of happiness and contentment in even the tiniest things or in our darkest moments. Life is full of unappreciated pleasures; they are with us even when we are pissed off or having a bad time. You just need to notice them and feel happy about them. Here are some of the most underrated small treasures in our life which give us immense pleasure but we are reluctant to notice them.

  1. Getting drenched in rain and having a hot cup of tea with pakoras.

1chai pakora_utterlyinfolicious

  1. Smelling the mud smell in the first showers of the monsoon. The smell helps in reducing stress and raise mood by 60%. It is also known as Petrichor.


  1. Standing in sunlight in chilly winters. The little warmth is the most treasured happiness when it relieves the body. “Sath mein moonphali ho jaye to baat hi kya hai” . The favorite pastime in winters.


  1. Getting up ready for work and suddenly getting get a call to take a day off.

getting day off_utterlyinfolicious.gif

  1. When you easily persuade autowallah bhaiya to take you along. That sighs of relief.


  1. When you baked that perfect cake. The joy is immense.

baking cake_utterlyinfolicious.gif

  1. Playing with a toddler. The innocent smiles are to die for.

playing witha toddler_utterlyinfolicious.gif

  1. Watching little birds chirping, hopping here and there. You will forget all your worries seeing the happy sight of little birds.


  1. Sitting comfortably in a cozy room and reading your favorite book. The perfect day.

reading a book_utterlyinfolicious.gif

  1. That window seat of the train. It is happiness and satisfaction when you are alone to enjoy your best memories sitting there.

window seat_utterlyinfolicious.gif

  1. The hot cup of chocolate in winters with lots of marshmallows in it and you can’t have just one.

hot chocolate _utterlyinfolicious.gif

Lip smacking!

These are only some of the priceless treasures in life. Tell us and help us know more.


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