Soak yourself in these 13 Beautiful Gardens in Delhi, to know the abundance of Nature’s love. “For our spring and our summer are gone by, and they will never be seen on earth again save in memory.”

Delhi is city of Chaos. Amidst the demanding and busy city roads, boisterous, noisy streets and by- lanes, there some beautiful lush green escapes, which are a sure weekend retreat. Perfect places for resting on, picnicking and watching the wonderful possessions of proud Delhi, make them chosen one among other daily getaways.

Here are our 13 picks from the most beautiful gardens in Delhi and you are going to swoon over them.

13-1_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious


13-2_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-3_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-4_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-5_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-6_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-7_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-8_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-9_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-10_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-11_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-12_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious13-13_amazing beautiful parks in Delhi_utterlyinfolicious

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