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Things not to say to Tall Girls

Well, tall girls do not need any attention. They are standing head- and- shoulders above the rest. You have been used to the awkwardness of being tall, those long limbs and gawky during your teens. You often find people asking you those pesky questions but you smile elegantly and answer them. People are bizarrely happy stating the apparent questions like,” you are tall”.

Damn I hate these questions and sometimes I want to thrash each and every one of those, but I manage to keep quiet and let it be. Some of the common comments I am always asked.

  1. Hello, how is the weather up there?

tall girl 3 _things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

The weather is same as down there. What people actually mean by asking such lame question? This is always a taunt one.

  1. You are tall; please hold the umbrella for me.

tall girl2_things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

Am I only one being asked this question? I mean will the rain drops not fall if I hold umbrella and not you. Please get a life.

  1. Is must be difficult for you to find right pants for you. Isn’t it?

1_things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

Right, I find it difficult but I manage to find decent ones. Actually I can get my favorite pants tailor made by a good tailor. Never regretted it.

Find your right pants here

  1. I believe your parents are also tall?

parents__things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

Yes, it is sometimes a genes play but not always. It is always that people ask this question when they don’t have anything to say. This question is remotely useful.

  1. Speaking loudly by thinking that I am deaf.

hearing deaf__things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

I have not impaired my hearing abilities just because of my vertical ascension.

  1. Basketball is your favorite sport right?

sport__things tall girls relate to_utterlyinfolicious

Though I love the sport but I have never been a sport person. What do you really mean by this.

If you have been asked questions like this tell us here.


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