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Tell us something about yourself.

Why do interviewers ask this question? This is a paralyzing question for me, wondering what it is the interviewer really wants to know. Do they want to know what struggles I faced in my whole studies? Or, my not so noteworthy computer skills? Why I left the last job? Why I don’t hold grudges?   Truly, none of the above. I frantically want to answer this question but I don’t want to answer this question the way they want me to answer.

How can my job skills matter more than my integrity?

We all have a secret knowledge of our self which no one wants to hear. We have our own little ‘resume’ which may not give us a job but we are happy to flaunt it.

1.I have a Professional degree but I don’t have iota of traits of a professional.

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I always have empathy in me and can never see things from my perspective. I hope this count.

2.I am good with secrets


I can digest any ones’ secret and people can never regret telling me about their inner feelings and secrets. I can be the best Confidante.

3.I am dependable and trustworthy

How many people are trustworthy these days? My friends come to me to discuss about their family, their career choices, and their aspirations and urges to do something new. I have always given wings to their thoughts.

I wonder how much I lack friends like me.

4.I am Considerate and Incorrupt


Always thought of not hurting others so much so that if someone hurts me, it takes me long to understand that I have been hurt by some bad comments.

5.I love reading books

Books are my first love. I cannot sleep without reading something good may be it a short story.

6.I am binge eater and Chai lover

I can have Chai (tea) even in midnight, have long conversations and binge eater. I love listening people and stories.

7.I hate passive aggressive behavior

I ask people, if they want to say something just say it. Don’t talk behind the back. This is so not done.

8.I hate spelling errors

I can edit the errors in a moving bus. You clearly can’t underestimate me in this art.

9.I don’t have an inflated sense of over pride or over importance


I don’t think that way. I cannot.

We all have a quite impressive resume. Tell us how the little things make it extraordinary and amazing.

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