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How to not be a Boring person

We all have one friend in group who is boring and dull. Tag them and tell on how to not be a boring person

We encounter so many different people in our life but the omnipresence of boring people is certainly not taken in the good spirit.  Though not harmful, but they are snorrendous, dry, dull and dreary.

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How you can stop being a boring person.

  1. Get out from self pre occupation.
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Don’t talk about yourself always. In a group of people you are not the center of attraction. Respect the sights and thoughts of other people also. Your viewpoints might not be interesting for others.

  1. Try to evolve more by coming out of the comfort zone

Don’t suppress your feelings. Every single person has some adventurous side which takes back seat due some circumstances or work pressure. Kick the feeling of failing and try the amazing stuff which you have always thought of.

  1. Slow in building connections


Try to bond with people and connect more. Remember names of the people you meet and always greet them with their name. This gives a sense of connection and bond. Try to talk happily and engagingly.

  1. Change your same old routine


Wake up early some day or late some days. Go for walk, watch the rising sun, walk barefoot on green grass and feel the difference.Try new food stuff, change your clothing style, make some more friends and talk to them.

Cook food and enjoy it. Every change is worth it. Just try.

  1. Have passion for something


You know you were not like this when you were kid. You had small little aspirations, little secret passions and I bet, you always cherish them, even today. Satisfy your unfulfilled desires and passions by taking small steps. Love the underrated treasures in life.

Read a good book, watch good movies, discuss new stuff with friends, plan a night out with loved ones. Make a promise to stay happy and make others happy too.

  1. Do fun things in your life.



Yes, everyone wants to have fun but if you are boring you might not truly exploring yourself as what makes you happy. Play with little kids, smell some beautiful flowers, watch the birds, kids playing anything that satisfies your soul.


  1. Stop talking behind people’s back

This is one of the most annoying traits of boring people. They talk less only to gossip behind other’s back. I mean what is the point. You don’t talk and therefore you don’t know the other person well enough. Start praising people and see the change in your outlook and attitude.

  1. Stop being too predictable

Your friends and loved ones know your reactions thus you might be labeled as predictable. Have opinions on what everyone else says and have great communication. Your instant confirmation or refusal is a sign that you are in a relationship with boredom where you do not want to give time to evaluate the things and then respond.

  1. Don’t have grim face all the time

Laugh while you still have your teeth. Embrace the happiness and laughter. Clasp the variety and styles in the communication while trying to see the fun side to each conversation.

  1. Cultivate Hobbies


Hobbies will do really good to you. Also, embrace weirdness and it’ll embrace you back. Make promises that will help you to build a strong personality.

Tag all your boring friends on how to not be a boring person.






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