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Top Indian Foods, loved by Foreigners

The universal love for our Indian food. Take pride in being Indian.

Today we are here to tell you that how our Indian food is loved even outside India. We all love our food, but outside India we have fans too for our spicy and highly appreciated food. Take a look and have a bite.

  1. Tandoori Chicken

tandoori chicken_utterlyinfolicious

Cooked in traditional tandoor, this #tandoori chicken is a massive hit in India and outside. Its roasted and smoky flavor has a different aroma and yes it is less spicy too. This dish is great for barbecues.

  1. South Indian Dishes

south indian_utterlyinfolicious

Every dish that our southern India offers is mouth-watering. Idli, uttapam, upma, vada, dosa all are heavenly. Generally preferred to be eaten in breakfast the dishes are all time available and enjoyed by Non-Indians with taste and relish.

  1. Chola Bhatura

chhola bhatura_utterlyinfolicious

The unmatchable chola bhatura is the most famous Punjabi dish from its counterparts. No can eat just one. The hot bhature and #spicy chole fulfills the day and Non-Indians love this dish.

  1. Butter Chicken

butter chicken_utterlyinfolicious

#Delhi owes the large part of its heritage. Tandoori Chicken pieces are put in gravy and #Butter_Chicken was born. Its subtle balance of tanginess and a velvety texture is its brand value that the foreigners love.

  1. Vindaloo


The famous dish from #Konkan area or famously called Goan Cuisine is extremely popular because of its nature of getting served with any kind of meat. It is infused with spices and thus the hottest and spiciest curry on the menu.

  1. Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji__utterlyinfolicious

It is a popular breakfast and snack dish. The mixture of mashed vegetables, spices and a big dollop of butter complete the bhaji, while pav are easily available bread. The #Bambaiya dish is famous worldwide and I love when people mention it as the best snack from India that they have tasted.

  1. Dhokla


Dhokla can be eaten for breakfast, as a main course, as a side dish, or as a snack. This soothing dish from Gujrat, is now available in every country and believe me people love eating this. Other Gujrati dishes are famous too but this tops the chart. Have a bite.

  1. Naan

cheese-nan_royal _utterlyinfolicious

Sometimes people describe Indian food as Naan or refer Indians as Naan eaters. There is wide variety of Naans available today but the basic Naan that originally hails from Persia, is cooked in Tandoor. The most loved food is now available nearly on all the menus around the world. One such is #Cheese_Naan.

  1. Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani

dum biryani_utterlyinfolicious

The dum ki biryani or kacche gosht ki biryani has an exotic taste and aroma that is tickling my taste buds even while I am writing this. Almost every community in India today has its own version of the #biryani. A delicacy that has the Nawabi mark stamped all over it and one with fans all over the globe, is expanding with the numerous makeovers.

  1. Gol Gappe/ Pani puri


A plump, hollow fried puri, crunchy and filled with a mixture of flavored water called imli ka pani, is the most favored and relished snack served in Indian subcontinent. While the dish has so many regional names, westerners simply call them tangy water balls. The funniest name so far or just gol gappa shots.

  1. Gulaab Jamun


Who doesn’t does love them and if served hot they take you to another world. The splendid Gulab Jamuns are equally loved outside India and its different variations, e.g. Roshogulla.

Though younger generation in India is moving towards donuts I am proud that west is eating our Gulab Jamuns happily.

  1. Mutton seekh kebabs


The dish was a gift from Mughals and it travelled the globe through India. The global taste buds love to taste them just the way you love them. The meat is minced and mixed with certain vegetables to be cooked on a charcoal barbeque. A delicious delight!

  1. Samosa


The popular Indian Snack is available is available in every nook and corner of India, as well as across the globe. The samosa is filled with mashed spicy potatoes and its versatility of being filled with and other ingredient make it a hot Indian Dish. The fried, mouthwatering and spicy samosas are loved in all the seasons and no one can eat just one. I want to have one.

  1. Vegetable Pakoras


The revered snack has no contender till date. Every time it rains we all think of having hot pakoras and a cup of Chai. I think there is nothing beautiful than this marvelous combination and every Indian outside India yearns this. The love of pakoras is not hidden and people outside India and foreigners take some time out to eat these lip smacking pakoras.

I hope won’t miss these dishes when out from home. Try them again. Take pride in Indian food.

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